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Autocross Event Schedule:

8:00 AM - Gates open
8:30 AM - Tech/registration
10:45 AM - Drivers meeting
11:00 AM - First car out
8:00 AM - Gates open
8:30 AM - Tech/registration
10:30 AM - Drivers meeting
10:45 AM - First car out

IMPORTANT: Effective for the 2008 season and beyond, SCCA membership is required for events. This can be in the form of a $15 "weekend membership" that you can pay at the event, but almost all participants find that it is advantageous to become full SCCA members. Please see our Membership section.
NOTE: These dates are currently confirmed. Please remember one of these sites are used by the Military and could be used for another purpose at any given time.

Important Forms:
Military Base Access Form
Autocross Reg. Form
2020 MSSCCA Event Schedule

Grenada Airport
April 4/5 - Autocross
May 1-3 - ProSolo/CAM Challenge
July 11/12 - Autocross
August 22/23 - Autocross
October 31/Nov 1 - Autocross

Columbus AFB
Feb 29/Mar 1 - Autocross
June 6/7 - Autocross
August 1/2 - Autocross
October 10/11 - Autocross