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Important Grenada Airport Site Info:
• Due to Grenada Municipal Airports agreements with the United States Military Services, all SCCA events are subject to delay or postponement/cancellation. Delay means stopping the event for the passage of aircraft through the event area. Postponement/cancellation means military operations which preclude SCCA access to the airport. While these operations are usually scheduled well in advance, unexpected events do occur. It is suggested that all SCCA participants check the MSSCCA website before departure.
• Access to the event site is limited.
• All persons must sign the liability release/waiver before entering the site. Wrist bands must be worn at all times.
• Anyone under 18 years old must have a minor/parent/guardian liability release/waiver on file with the club secretary. These minor/liability/release waiver forms will be available at the entry gate. They are available in advance from the club secretary; however, they must be signed in his/her presence or in the presence of a designated secretary representative. Or bring your parent/guardian with you to the entry point to sign the form. The forms are good for one year from the date of signing.

Special Rules:
• Airport Speed limit is 20MPH.
• Follow the directional cones: enter and exit the event site through the designated gate.
• Do not drive anywhere on the airport concrete outside of the designated event site. If in doubt, don't.
• Park only in the designated paddock area. Do not park on the grass.
• Alcoholic beverages/consumption is forbidden on airport property.
• No camping/overnight RV is allowed at the airport.
• Clean up after yourself. We must leave the area as clean as we receive it.

Address: L.D. Boone Jr. Road Map

Driving Directions: From I-55, exit 208 onto Paper Mill Road. Proceed east to the first stop sign at US 51. Turn right, going southbound on US 51 for about 2-3 miles. Turn left on MS 332 going eastbound ~3.7 miles and turn left onto L.D. Boone Jr. Road (look for the Grenada Municipal Airport sign). Follow the paved road to the parking lot in front of the big white hanger with "Grenada" written on it. Turn right through the parking lot and then left to enter the airport through the small gate in the chain link fence. DO NOT VENTURE OUT ONTO THE PARKING RAMP. Turn right and parallel the side of white hanger to it's other end at a reasonable speed.

Hotels/Services/Restaurants: Can be found off exit 206 on MS 7/MS 8. The airport can be reached from exit 206 by turning left onto MS 7 (look for the Downtown Grenada sign near the bottom of the hill) then turning north onto US 51 at the four-way stopsign. MS 332 is about 1-2 miles on the right. Camping is not allowed at the airport.

Headquarters Hotel:
Quality Inn
• Reserve under the keyword "SCCA", if you are a SCCA member be sure to use your Choice Hotels Discount #.

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